Bye Bye Binky.


Although we didn't plan to let Violet keep her paci until she was old enough to tie her shoes, we also hadn't planned to wean her from it entirely until she was a little closer to two. She's still going through a lot of teething and it helped to soothe her to sleep, which I was totally okay with. Our biggest issue was that our once ample supply of paci's had been slowly whittled down to one. The lone survivor, we treated that thing like gold. It didn't leave her nursery unless we were going on a long trip  and we thought we were doing pretty great. But while we were busy patting ourselves on the back for going so long without losing the thing, we didn't know that a small crack was slowly forming at the core of our daughter's most prized possession. That's right - the binky broke. 

Oh the horror!

You may be thinking to yourself, So why the heck don't you just buy a new one? Why all the drama? Well I blame that on Dr. Weil. We discovered his line of paci's long ago via Melissa and I was sold - it was a single piece of molded silicone, was BPA free, and was large enough for Violet to keep the darn thing in her mouth. At one point I think we owned four or five of them. Each one slowly succumbed to the will of our toddler. She'd chuck them out of her stroller on walks into piles of leaves, leave them laying at restaurants, and once I even dug one out from under a box of pie at the bakery.
When we were down to two paci's, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and order another pack (yeah, I'm cheap). And that's when it happened...the dreaded words, "Out of Stock". I couldn't find them anywhere - Amazon, Kmart, Dr. Weil's own website - I couldn't purchase them an-y-where. I called the Weilbaby company, I sent them impassioned emails pleaing for pacifiers. I would have seriously purchased a whole case at one point if they had offered it to me. But they wouldn't return my calls or emails. Even the subject line, "Desperate Mom, please help!" apparently didn't capture their attention. Let me tell you - that Dr. Weil is cold as ice. I mean, you should've read this email people. It would've even melted the Grinch's heart. Anyway, I digress...

Shortly after that Violet lost one of the remaining two and we were down to the. last. one. That is until about a week and a half ago when Violet bit it in half it finally bit the dust.

Yes, the binky was broken and I was completely terrified when bed time came. I decided to just go through our usual routine and pretend like everything was hunky dory. Sippy cup, brush teeth (with toothpaste mind you! Aquafresh Apple Banana to be exact. But that's another post for another day), read a few books, sing a few songs, and put her in bed with her blankey and her frog.

And guess what people? She DIDN'T EVEN CRY. Not once. Just a few 'Mommy's' and she was off to dream land. Who knew??!! I mean I won't say we haven't had a few melt down's since then at nap time or bed time, but mostly it's been pretty miraculously quiet and drama-free around the H-Haus. (well at nap and bedtime at least. There are definitely day time tantrums. I mean TANTRUMS! Why do there have to be tantrums??? But again...another story...nothing to do with paci's or sleep. Just my strong-willed stubborn child giving her opinion on, "but yes mommy you SHOULD let me play in the freezer. I mean, don't you know there are PEAS in there?!")

One bad habit that she's developed since the demise of the paci is sucking her fingers or sometimes even (the horror!) her thumb, so I think a few more months may have done her some good, but over all it hasn't been the Armageddon that I had imagined. I will say that I will NEVER purchase anything made by Weilbaby again and will be sure with my next child to use well-established easily accessible pacifier brands like Nuk that will NEVER go out of stock.

I'll file that one away under 'the lessons of motherhood' Does this stuff get easier with the second one? Please tell me that it does! This flying blind stuff is the pits.

Has anyone else had any experience with pacifier weaning? How old was your little one? How did it go for you? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. O, Lauren you read my mind! My husband and I were just discussing this last night! My daughter is a little over 2 and still uses the paci for naptime and bedtime only. She is very much attached so I am worried that it will not be easy. We planned to do it right when she turned two, but we ended up closing on our first home on her second birthday. So moving into a new home and taking away her paci wasn't going to be the best idea. Now that we have been in our home for 4 months, we are going to bite the bullet and just do it. It needs to be done because it is causing her and us more disruptions at this point. Waking up a few times in the night looking for it in her crib which leads us to going into her room to give it to her. Sigh. Plus her dentist told me at her appointment on Friday, that it is starting to push her front teeth forward so we need to wean her before permanent damage is done. From what her pediatrician told us and her dentist told us, we just pretty much have to go, "cold turkey" there isn't really a weaning to it. I will be anxious to see what tips some of your other readers have!

    And I just have to mention that Violet looks as cute as ever. As she always does!

  2. Sarah @ circle and sproutDecember 13, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    oh no! so sad! Our son bit his one day too (he was 15 months) and a chunk came out (never found the chunk). That was the end of that. To be honest I was quite relieved to not be tied down with that. I think it helped that we had weaned him out of using it except only in his bed for some time before that. Sounds like it went well enough for you!

  3. Well... i have a two month old... so I have zero personal experience... but we also just had our two month appointment yesterday and our doctor said that around four months we should start trying to wean him off! Which sounded like a terrifying idea!

  4. First, your daughter has the longest eyelashes I've EVER seen, gorgeous!!!!!!!! Second, I'm in the same boat. :\ My son will be 2 this Sunday and still loves his binky at nap and nighttime. We've tried taking it away and he just screams's so heartbreaking. I don't know how to do it. :(

  5. Lauren @ with two catsDecember 13, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    She definitely has crazy eyelashes - thanks to her dad! The few times we lost this paci for a few hours, it was horrible at nap time. She screamed and screamed, so I was soooo terrified for this. Somehow we got lucky and were between bouts of teething and it is working out so far. Best of luck to you but I honestly don't think it's the worst thing in the world if your child is on the paci for a little bit longer! :)

  6. Lauren @ with two catsDecember 13, 2011 at 8:20 PM

    Wow - I mean that would be ideal, but there was no way we could have weaned her off at four months. It really just depends on the kid - my nephew and niece wouldn't even take a paci, so I guess it's more important for some than others to have that suck to soothe reflex.

  7. Lauren @ with two catsDecember 13, 2011 at 8:21 PM

    It is SUCH a relief not to have to worry about the paci any more - like a huge weight has been lifted!

  8. Lauren @ with two catsDecember 13, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    Smart of you to let her keep the paci during the transition - it's such a hard thing to take away from them isn't it?! Maybe it was a blessing that ours became unavailable. Otherwise it would have been a much more difficult decision.

  9. We managed to get our dummy loving daughter off it around 2. It actually went surprisingly well! But now we need to get our one year old off, I think this will be harder...

  10. The way my parents got my siblings and I off our pacifiers was using the "Pacifier Fairy". One day when we returned home from running an errand with one parent, another parent would tell us all about how the Pacifier Fairy came and took all our pacifiers away but left us a present to signify we were growing older. We received a stuffed animal (which I later found out was what PBS sent when my parents donated to their fundraisers thanking them for inventing Sesame Street).

    Of course, one parent would take all of our pacifiers and throw them away while we were out of the house, but I thought the Pacifier Fairy was real and was proud to show off my toy. :)



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