Supermom: Reichel Broussard of Copy Cat Chic

 Reichel Broussard - Copy Cat Chic

This week's Supermom is Reichel Broussard of Copy Cat Chic! After a career in the corporate design and marketing world Reichel now does freelance work in web, print, and interior design. She's also a pro at finding high style items on a budget and graciously shares her finds with all of us via her blog Copy Cat Chic. Since starting her blog, Reichel has also become mama to sweet baby Arden, and I've been thrilled to see more baby-related posts over on Copy Cat Chic (not to mention Arden's amazing nursery)! Read on to find out more about Reichel...

I started blogging after my husband and I bought our home. We were house rich and money poor ;) So I found myself searching for the best deals on furniture and accessories for our home. I wanted to share my finds with others and that's when I created the blog.

I love that Arden is my sidekick now. She's always by my side and when she's not, I feel something is missing! And life is so much more exciting and fun with her in it :)

The hardest thing is not having "me" time. It's hard to find the time to make phone calls and keep up with emails. And everything around the house is in mid-flight ;) I get halfway though projects and have to abandon them when baby calls!

1. The Lulu Woon Doll

2. The Serena and Lily Prague Market Organic Sling - this was so easy to stuff in the diaper bag.
3. Every newborn deserves a cashmere gown. Mine is from TSE, but I think Ralph Lauren has a good selection of cashmere too! Or this one.

1. Dria Cover in Oslo - This comes in so handy for not only a pregnancy top, a breastfeeding cover, a baby blanket, a stroller/carseat shade, a makeshift picnic blanket, etc.

2. A Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Cameo Clutch - A stylish diaper clutch for when you don't need the whole diaper bag. I actually have the Cake Cameo Clutch in French Gooseberry. LOVE!
3. A good sleep mask - This thing makes it possible for me to get a little more zzzz's in

I fake it ;) I'm not "doing" it all. I have to prioritize what's important and the stuff at the bottom of the list gets bumped until I can find the time...I like to pretend that I'm on the ball though. That helps ;)

I think the biggest thing is to not feel guilty. There's always something to feel guilty about...for not folding and putting away the laundry or leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or for not mentally stimulating your child during every waking hour. Just know that you're doing the best you can and it's enough, believe me.

I'd say any stay-at-home Mom, bonus points if they home-school...and add gold-star if they blog too ;)

Thanks to Reichel for sharing your advice and thoughts with us! Your advice to other moms especially struck a chord with me. I often feel that guilt creeping up on me and try to remember that you can't do it all - you can only do your best! :) See more of Reichel over on her blog, Copy Cat Chic!



  1. Reichel mentioned this series on her blog and I'm excited to stop by and read all about your supermoms!! I think we are all supermoms... I was thinking about calling my blog "confessions of a wanna be supermom" because although I often feel like a supermom we can't really do it all - but we can certainly fake it! I love Copy Cat Chic, her blog is great and glad I found your blog too!



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