Friday Favorites 2.3.12

I just purchased this print for Violet's big girl room - she is in love with the moon.

And this lovely journal is on pre-order!

Have you seen the new design over on Making it Lovely? Could it be more perfect???

Definitely using this as inspiration for my next business card design.

Picture perfect wedding:

Origami wallpaper.

Already here and my kid's not even two. I love my sour patch kid :)

DIY heart elbow patches!

Sweet hangers.

And on a more serious note - please consider helping little Florence.



  1. I love the wall print! I have seen that somewhere... Thats what we play with my neice. Can't wait to see Violets big girl room! x Pippa

  2. Love this print! I must get it for Eva :)

  3. This is darling. I love your blog. xo, rv



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