Little Style: Spring

I'm sooo looking forward to spring! Warm weather, flowers, birds, and sunshine. Unfortunately that also means I have to start finding some warm weather pieces that will last through the summer. Don't get me wrong - it's fun to shop for little clothing, but I haaaate spending the money. Hopefully I'll eventually have another girl so that we can do the hand-me-down thing! Luckily I'm also queen of promo codes, sales, and free shipping, and I saved a bunch of gift cards from Christmas for the occasion. Here are a few things that I've purchased along with a few that I'm considering for Violet:

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Tops: one, two, three, four
Bottoms: one, two, three, four*

*We already own this and it is no longer available

Check out more of my favorite things for little girls over on my Pinterest board. xo, Lauren


  1. I feel for you moms of little girls. I would be bankrupt! There's just so much cute girl stuff out there! I know it's not for everyone but I've had some seriously great luck shopping at consignment sales for Knox. There's a huge one near me twice a year and the cost savings is just amazing. I just went to the spring sale this past weekend and got 43 pieces for $142...that's like an average cost of $3 a piece! Amazing brands too...Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Baby Gap all like new (some with tags still on!) I even scored 4 brand new (with tags) mini Boden polo shirts for $4 a piece. He's set until fall for a fraction of what I would have spent had I shopped along the way. I'm sure I'll still sneak in a cute t-shirt, etc that I can't resist but the savings is no joke. Something to consider.

    p.s. I tagged you in an 11 questions blog tag post here. No pressure obviously but it was actually kinda fun :)

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