Little Updates

I thought I'd share a few new things around the H-Haus with you this Monday morning:

1. We got a new pillow from Skinny Laminx. I've had my eye on this fabric for quite some time and finally found the right place for it in the form of a pillow cover. The vase from West Elm is also fairly new and makes all of my grocery store flowers look so fresh :)

2. Terrarium prints from Quill & Fox. Not sure if I want to frame them or how I'd like to display them for sure. (Suggestions?) Washi tape is great for when you're feeling indecisive :)

3. A new print from Fifi Du Vie. I don't know what it is about this print - it's so simple, but I really love it!

4. I decided to do some color blocking in Violet's big girl room. Testing out some paint colors. The lower one is really hard to see in the photo, but in real life it's perfectly subtle. The upper one was a bit to bright/contrasting in reality although I really love how it looks in the photo.

5. I measured off my color 'block' with a carpenter's square and taped it off. My lines turned out pretty nice and crisp (the trick is to remove the tape as soon as possible while the paint is still wet)

6. The color block is somewhat difficult to photograph. In real life it's much more noticeable than in the photo, but you can see it here a bit if you look closely. I'm trying to decide what to do about window treatments in this room. Roman shades? Roller shades? I would do curtains but there's another window across from the mirror that is smaller and in an awkward place for a curtain. I think it would look best if both windows were treated in the same way. Hmmmm....decisions decisions.

I think we've decided just to go with a bed frame sans headboard for now. There's a small window in the niche where the bed is going to go and it's fairly low so I haven't been able to find any headboards that I like that aren't too tall. Maybe this one or this one? Opinions? Suggestions?

That's all for now! xo, Lauren


  1. Beautiful photographs! Have a great week. xo, rv

  2. that pink wall looks so pretty against the wood of the dresser. violet's room is turning out great!

  3. Are you planning on using the curtains from Violets nursery in her big girl room? Maybe you want to sell them? :)



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