Mini Meals 2.22.12

Monday's breakfast: Fred Food Face plate, Craisins

We're pretty limited with what we can feed Violet here at the H-Haus due to her FPIES - especially for breakfast. She can't have dairy or soy and can only have very limited grains (so far oat and wheat), so that rules out a lot of breakfast foods like pancakes, toast, and a lot of cereals. Luckily she loves is completely obsessed with eggs. They're one of her favorite foods - probably second only to guacamole. Although she can have egg yolks the doctor recommended that we go with egg whites since she eats eggs so frequently. Less cholesterol and all. I think I may start trying to mix some things in with her eggs - maybe spinach? Vegetables are one thing that she has to be coaxed (or bribed with guacamole) into eating.

You can enter your 'mini meal' in the linky list below. Can't wait to see what your little ones are eating!

-xo, Lauren


  1. I love the "face plates" I need to find some of those! I linked up but as usual, I can never get the images to display using Linky Tools, so sorry it has a generic image populated there! Can't wait to see what other's are eating!

  2. Your meals with the face plates are so cute and bring a little fun to eating. I think I need to get some plates just for my husband and I!



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