Supermom: Bridget Hunt of Tales of Me and the Husband


This week's Supermom is Bridget Hunt of Tales of Me and the Husband! Bridget became stepmom to four kids when she married her husband and she recently became mom to her very own little one, Parker, in July. While I know being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, I've got a feeling being a stepmom is even harder! Read on to find out more about this week's Supermom:

I've always loved writing--it's the English major in me--and I found myself a bit swamped by my new(ish) life as stepmom.  I needed an outlet in the worst way.  On top of that, I saw Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues on Oprah, became fascinated by her story, and checked out her blog as soon as the show was over.  I fell in love and thought blogging was really cool.  Thus, my blog was born. Two and a half years later, I'm sometimes surprised at the places it's brought me... in particular, actual friends that I met through the whole thing!

Probably laughing with the kids.  Lindsey is so funny these days and she really "gets it" (humor-wise). And Parker, oh that smooshy Parker... when I hear him on the monitor, I run upstairs to get him.  As soon as he sees me he gives me the biggest smile.  He always wakes happy and I like to think that's telling of his personality (ohhhh but time will tell!).  

For me it was probably getting over myself and becoming selfless.  With kids, it's really all about them. Selfish me took some time to get used to that!

1. Beco Gemini Carrier

3. Summer Infant Portable Video Monitor -  With that last one, I felt like a total cheeseball.  Who needs to SEE THEIR BABY ALL THE TIME while they sleep?  But it has given me SUCH peace of mind. While I used to go upstairs every 15 minutes or so to see the rise and fall of his chest while he was sleeping, now I just click on the video.  It's the best.

For toddlers??  Gosh.  Crayons and a coloring book.  That can provide endless entertainment--at least for the girls!  Parker isn't a toddler yet, but I know this will come in handy then too (and already has): the City Select Baby Jogger stroller.  Love it.  And the carrier... I know, overlap, but it'll continue coming in good use especially when he's on-the-go and I can keep him stationary in it! 

1. FOOD.  I am a ravenous nursing mother and always want quick-eats which often are unhealthy ones. Pasta salads with fresh veggies, fruit, quiche, yogurt

2. My camera.  I have gone very few days without using it at all. 

3. The vacuum.  Here's why: sometimes it's the best for putting a restless babe to sleep (white noise!) and you can actually GET STUFF DONE (you know, using it to actually do its job of vacuuming) at the same time.

I don't.  There are nights when dinner is Trader Joes chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  And days where I felt like I was too "absent" on the computer or doing chores.  While the productive days are some of my favorites, I try to give myself lee-way for those other days too.  But then, sometimes, the mom-guilt sets in... 

Above all else, tell your kids you love them.  It covers a multitude of sins. 

Gosh, probably my Mom.  Cliche?  Sure.  But, she's pretty great.

Thanks so much to Bridget for your thoughts and advice! I second the vacuum advice (or the vent fan in the kitchen) - it's the only way we could get Violet to sleep for a while! See more of Bridget on her blog here.

xo, Lauren


  1. I love the supermom series! I cant wait to read more of Bridget's blog. I just discovered the other day that standing by the running dishwasher makes baby happy too!

  2. Bridget is the best! So glad you featured her!

  3. thank you for having me, lauren!



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