A Winter Walk


We went on a walk to the park the other day. Winter decided to ease up for a day or two and we thought we'd venture out into the great wide world. No confining stroller - no heavy blankets. We each simply grabbed one of your chubby little hands and set off.

We didn't get far. "Burrr!" you said in your little sing-songy voice. And sure enough, flying high in the sky above us was a bird. Then you looked down at the ground "Eeeee" you said with a look of disgust on your face.

"No, sweety, that's not yucky - that's just some moss and dirt - it lives out here." we replied.

A few steps more..."Leeeeeaf!" you screeched, pointing to a few dead leaves on the ground. Then, "Teeeeee!"

"Yes, there are lots of leaves and trees out here, aren't there?" we replied. We found a caterpillar, an ant (which you may have stepped on - oops!), rocks, and sticks as well (each with their own additional examination and discussion). You were so sad when we had to leave a couple of "woof-woof's" behind as well, but we promised that there would be more.

It may have taken a bit longer than we expected, but we did finally find the park. And while it was thrilling, well, surprisingly so was the walk to get there. I guess sometimes it really is the journey and not just the destination.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child really is some kind of magic, isn't it?



  1. I agree! Seeing the world through your child's eyes is truly magic!




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