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1. I got crafty and now there are twinkly stars in Violet's big girl room. Now we just need to buy the bed frame and the mattress!

2. Violet has fallen in love with babies. And doing things herself. [She looks sweet but do not offer to help put those pants on that doll or the full wrath of toddlerdom will come down upon you.]

3. Finally got around to buying a pillow to fill this case!

4. Daddy can throw the ball really high.

5. Our neighbor gave Violet a mini stroller. She calls it her 'dull-duh' Whenever we go for a walk she has to push hers, and I have to push mine. I bet the neighbors get a good laugh :)

6. Little lady clothes.

7. I think my child may be a bit of a germaphobe. She freaks out if she sees the tiniest piece of dirt floating in the bathtub [and trust me, no matter how much I clean it beforehand, if you stick a toddler in a bathtub there's going to be some dirt] And I mean FREAKS - full on screaming, holding onto mamas neck like a wild banshee from Hell is after her. Over a random hair. Or bit of Cheerio. So now we take bubble baths. As much as we may end up using I should probably buy stock in the stuff...

8. The face of a content little girl surrounded by bubble bath.

xo, Lauren


  1. The freaking out over stuff in the tub is probably just her age. Wait until she decides that she MUST HAVE ONLY THE BLUE CUP AND ONLY THE BLUE CUP RIGHT NOW AND NO OTHER CUP ON OTHER IS GOING TO DO OR SHE IS GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yes, it all becomes very dramatic for awhile. LOL

  2. Please don't refer to your child as "OCD." For one thing, the initials stand for "Obsessive Compuslive Disorder." OCD is not a descriptive term and can't be used an adjective, it's a proper name, given to a very serious illness. Despite a popular fascination with its victims, OCD is very debilitating and very few people understand it. Television makes light of it, but for those who live their lives with it, it's no silly term to be bandied about.

    What you're describing is normal toddler behavior. Please don't be so quick to label. Every man, woman and child has compulsions to do one thing or another, comparatively few people will ever experience OCD.

  3. love all these pictures and those stars I want some in my room!

  4. I love those stars-- can't wait to see the room altogether! Is it strange that I'm already looking forward to putting together a "big girl room" for my 13 month old?

  5. oh my daughter was also freaking out of this things in the bath, i always tell her that it's from her socks or leftovers of food from her face... don't worry it's only a phase, now we put the dirt aside and see that it's not doing anything bad :) bubbles are a good idea!

  6. I love those stars!! Can you post more info on them?



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