Mini Meals: Bento Boxes


Since we were away all weekend I didn't really get a chance to photograph any of Violet's meals, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite mini meal products with all of you. When we're at home we mostly use one of these items, but I usually send Violet's meals to her babysitter in little Bento-style containers. As she is starting to eat more, I've been looking into other options and I really love the practicality of Bento-style lunchboxes. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Spencer Bento Box ($16.50)
2. Laptop Lunches Bento Box ($27.99)
3. Goodbyn Original ($25.95)
4. PlanetBox ($49.95)

I think the Spencer box is prettiest and a great price, but I love the fact that the laptop lunches bento comes with separate little containers with lids. You could fill the boxes with leftovers as the occur and just insert them into the main box as needed. The Goodbyn is another great option because it not only can handle a water bottle, but a whole banana as well! And considering that Violet is a bit obsessed with bananas, that's almost a must in my book. The Planetbox is a little pricey, but I do love that it is made of stainless steel rather than plastic. Plastic always freaks me out a bit in general. Maybe I could just create some sort of perfect mutant hybrid that meets all of our needs...

If you get a chance to photograph one of your little's meals this week I'd love to see what you've cooked up! Link up below:

-xo, Lauren


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