Mini Meals

I'm pretty excited about our mini meal this week. It may seem kinda boring to you all, but we have finally found a bread the Violet can eat! (Read about Violet's allergy issues here) It's dairy and soy free and it's from Panera (their white whole grain bread). This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us with meals. We still can't do cheese and haven't tried peanut butter, so I have to be a little more creative.

For this meal I made 'guacamole sandwiches'. I desperately wanted Violet to like her first real sandwich experience, so I thought guacamole would be the way to go - it's her favorite food! I used it to make a kind of chicken salad - I chopped up grilled chicken, tomatoes, and spinach and mixed them together with a single serving packet of Wholly Guacamole. I spread the mixture over the bread and grilled it in olive oil.

Now I'm not much of a cook but let me tell you it was DEE-LICIOUS. I thought so, the Hubster thought so, and Violet certainly thought so. She wolfed that sandwich down so fast I couldn't believe it. And perhaps more importantly, she asked for more! I don't know if she's ever asked for more of a meal before (just snacks, and, of course - guacamole!)

It was a great feeling. I even called my mom to tell her because I was so excited about it and, I'll be honest, kind of proud of myself. It sounds so ridiculous saying I was proud of creating a grilled sandwich for my kid, but that's how I felt. And do you know what? I think we need to celebrate those small victories when we can. I've been feeling kind of tired and down lately (maybe the winter blues?) and it was nice to have something to feel excited about, silly as it may seem. Anyway, I'll stop rambling because I want to see what you fed your little ones this week! You can link up below...

xo, Lauren


  1. hooray for bread! and for a wonderful first sandwich experience. it looks as good as it sounds. nom, nom!

    sadly, I am not joining you today. after we finished our huge batch of quesadillas from last week, we have had really boring, not very good leftovers for Behr. I will plan better over the weekend and join you next week!

  2. Congrats! It's totally not ridiculous! Although my son doesn't have as severe allergies as Violet, he can't drink cow milk and when I was breastfeeding, he had intolerance to wheat, corn and dairy (I think! I just cut everything out because he had really bad eczema). Now he can eat pretty much everything, but won't! He's super picky (he's 15 months) and has a texture issue I think.

    Last night I made mini quiche with goat cheese, broccoli and eggs and I thought - he likely won't eat this and he ate it up!

    I am SO happy when something works! It's those (big!) victories that add happiness to our lives.



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