Mini Meals


This past week I had a revelation and realized that mayonnaise is dairy AND soy free! It definitely opened up more sandwich options for us. The guacamole is great in that she loves it and it's healthy, but it does get brown pretty quickly so it's not an ideal thing to pack for the babysitter. For this sandwich I chopped up fresh spinach, grapes, and chicken and mixed them with a bit of mayonnaise. I used Panera's white whole grain bread again and grilled the sandwich in olive oil.

The last sandwich was such a huge hit with Violet that I assumed this one would be as well. Annnnd Violet decided to remind me that toddlers are fickle creatures. She took a few bites and then refused to eat any more. Pretty disappointing, but she does that pretty often with new foods. I'll try again and hope it eventually takes. Toddlers may be fickle but moms can be persistent :)

I'd love to see what your little one is eating! (Or not eating lol) Link up below:


  1. I love soy anything. It's like the greatest invention ever. xo, rv

  2. Hooray for mayo!! And check out your snazzy "magazine" image. Looks great!

  3. Gorgeous picture! Seeing what you put together for Violet is an inspiration, for sure!



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