Sponsor With Two Cats in April


Like the content here on with two cats? Consider sponsoring us for a month or two! April is going to be great - I'm hoping to put the finishing details on Violet's big girl room, making some changes to our living/dining area, and planning Violet's second birthday party! Plus the usual eye candy, mini meals, and hopefully a few new supermom features.

I'm working with Passionfruit advertising now so you can actually purchase and upload your ad without having to send a bunch of email craziness back and forth with me. Your ad will appear on the start date and will run for 30 days. The ads will be automatically rotated as well. I seriously loooove the whole concept of Passionfruit and am thrilled to be working with them. (And hopefully with some of you as well!) You can check out stats and more information here.

xo, Lauren


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