Supermom: Katie of Katie's Pencil Box

This week's Supermom is Katie of Katie's Pencil Box! Katie is the super stylish mama of Max who writes the sweetest letters to their baby-on-the-way. Her blog is full of the most gorgeous photos of their day-to-day life. I seriously catch my breath everytime I visit her site. Read on to find out more about Katie...

when max was a toddler i wanted a place to keep pictures and funny stories to share with family and friends. i ended up keeping a blog on livejournal! i found an amazing community of creative ladies and inspiring mamas there...and i'm still good friends with a lot of the gals i met way back then.

i know i say it a lot, but my favorite part has to be getting to be a little kid again...dreaming up silly things for your little one or going on funny adventures that only your childhood-self could come up with! so much of parenting is making serious, adult decisions...but having the opportunity to see life again through a child's eyes and mind is really a gift. really, the whole package of motherhood is a blessing over and over.

the toughest thing about being a mother is learning the dance...keeping time and in step with an ever changing little individual ( who is sometimes nothing like you and sometimes so much like you it's frightening). there is a lot of pressure and responsibility in trying to raise a good and decent human being. i don't know that a day goes by that i don't worry that i'm scarring this little guy for life. but then you see how resilient and adaptable and capable kids can be. and you want just an ounce of their endless capacity for love and forgiveness. in learning this dance, i've found that there's a time for me to lead and a time to just follow and trust.

i don't even try! i know it's been a good day, lived to the fullest, when there is a pile of laundry and a sink full of dishes waiting on me.

the best thing i've learned is to let your little ones be little ones! it can be a real hoot when you let go and stay present with them, despite the mess making. plus you can learn a lot about yourself and your babies in those minutes when you're not rushing off to clean dirty knees.

definitely my mother! everyday i learn something new and wonderful about her by being a mama myself.

one of my favorite blogging supermoms would have to be james from bleubird vintage...loads of style and lots of adventuring with her babies!

any mom that can show that life doesn't have to stop when you have kids is a supermom to me!

Thank you so much to Katie for your poignant thoughts and advice on motherhood! I so agree with you on seeing the world through your child's eyes - there is truly nothing on Earth like it. See more of Katie, her beautiful family, and stunning photos here

xo, Lauren


  1. so sweet, Katie! and the giraffe teether is awesome and amazing but watch out because puppies also think it's the greatest. ;) this interview was beautiful. thanks for sharing! and thank you, with two cats!, for featuring a mom phenom! this blog is lovely!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh... I have fallen in love with Miss Katie after discovering her blog. When I pop over there it is always pure beauty to my heart. As a mama to four myself she inspires me to see the little things. Fun interview!

  3. sweet inspiration at the pencil box, {love} it!



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