Mini Meals


I got this genius idea here. Little mini food transporters - you can fill them with anything and it makes meals much less messy! Violet's pretty good with a fork, but there are certain things that she just has the most difficult time picking up with anything but her fingers. Which is, of course, fine except for the mess. I mean - bibs are a joke at this stage. I need to invest in art smocks lol.

I purchased the won tons in a pack at my local grocer. You just place the food inside, seal the edges with water and press with a fork. Then drizzle with a little olive oil and bake at 375 degrees - super easy and tasty!

Link up below! xo, Lauren


  1. BH - it should be all fixed now! Apparently she moved her blog to a new address, but she emailed me this morning with the correct url. Thanks!



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