Simple DIY Easter Egg Hunt Bag


If you're looking for something other than the traditional Easter basket like me (we don't have the storage space in our teeny tiny house), here's a super simple DIY bag that I made for Violet in about an hour and a half. I'm sure it would be even quicker for most of you but I am a complete non-sewer and was admittedly watching TV and Instagraming while I was working. So please don't make fun of my simple little creation - I'm sort of proud of it :)

So for all of you other sewing novices out there, here it is in a few easy steps:

Materials: fabric (I used a thrifted vintage pillowcase), string or yarn, ribbon, a needle, three pieces of felt, glue and scissors.

Step 1 - Put dots of glue along one side of the ribbon and glue it along the top of one piece of felt:

Step 2 - Cut out your desired shape from the fabric (I chose a 'V' for Violet):

Step 3 - Using a straight stitch (one of the only kinds I know lol), sew your fabric shape onto one piece of felt.

Step 4 - place two pieces of felt (cut to desired size) together so that the back sides face out. Use a straight stitch to sew three sides together. Leave the top open:

Step 5 - Cut a thin strip of felt from the third and final piece that you have:

Step 6: Turn the bag right-side out and sew the ends of the strip of felt onto each side of the bag:

Voila! You are finished. Congratulations on your amazing sewing abilities. Proudly show your creation to your husband/friend/mother/random stranger on the street. (And consider allowing your child to use it to collect Easter eggs)

Have a Happy Easter!

xo, Lauren


  1. nice job, mama! the colors in that floral fabric are beautiful.

  2. The most stylish bag on the block! I can't wait to make this next year. The floral pillowcase fabric is so pretty...I just love it.



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