Violet Turns Two: Birthday Ideas


We've been talking to Violet about her birthday lately and most of the time she'll tell you that she's going to be 'two' but every now and then when we ask her she says 'fwee'. So cute :) Less than a month to go and I feel so unprepared! I tend to be a bit of a last-minute person anyway (totally hate that I'm like that but it's true). Here are a few ideas I've found lately:

One - Love these festive cups from Anthropologie. I think I could get a similar look with washi tape cut into triangles and clear plastic cups

Two - These wooden spoons and forks are so pretty! I'd buy them to save myself from the DIY but I refuse to pay the same amount for shipping as I do for the item itself.

Three - I love, love, love this ruffled cake topper. Simple, pretty, and super festive. Another possible DIY project?

Four - Love these icing colors and the best part is that she made them with normal store-bought food coloring!

I have a (hopefully not crazy) goal to make all of the food Violet-friendly. The cake, the main course, even the (non-adult) drinks - everything. So if you have any good dairy and soy free cake and/or icing recipes, send them my way! I'm hoping for a messy cake face this year :)

xo, Lauren


  1. you should try the post punk kitchen ( - it's vegan but they have lots of yummy recipes that are obviously dairy and could be soy free. oh they also have a forum so you can ask others for input too! the party ideas look lovely! good luck!!

  2. A friend of mine makes an amazing whipped topping out of coconut milk...Here is a recipe:
    It's so delicous...and you can color it with a bit of beet juice to make it a pretty shade of pink!



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