Violet's Big Girl Room: Wish List


All of the major elements are finished in Violet's big girl room - hurray! There are still a few things on my wish list:

This little gnome is really a bottle opener, but he's stolen my heart and I'd like to ask him to move in.

I've had my eye on these pretty brass urchins for a while now and think they would look so pretty with Violet's stars.

Lori Marie makes the prettiest dolls. This one has already been purchased, but it's probably for the best - she's a bit out of my price range. Maybe someday...sigh.

This display box is too pricey for my taste as well, but luckily a friend of mine said he'd be happy to make one for me - hurray for handy friends! (I'm sure the Hubster could make one but he already has enough projects on his plate)

I think this may be the most adorable tape holder I've ever seen. Maybe for Violet's little roll-top desk? (Or for my own lol!)

We already have two of Umbra's Horizon Crunch Cans, but you can never have too much pretty storage, right?

We also need to hang the curtains, purchase a toddler bedrail, buy the shades (waiting for the new black out shades to come in at Lowes), hang some art, and a few other odds and ends. I feel like I'm in the home stretch though!

xo, Lauren


  1. What a lovely collection of ideas! That storage cube is very pretty and I love the pink storage can. Girls rooms are so much fun to decorate - I just finished changing my daughter's room from a nursery to a big girl room too - Amanda x

  2. Having those items will surely make your room look even more creative. It's about choosing the appropriate decor.



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