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I always hear couples on HGTV talking about how the last thing they decorate is their own bedroom. No one sees it but them for the most part so it just gets shoved on the back burner. Is it true for you?

It definitely is for us. We've painted and bought some bedding way back when we were first married, but other than that we haven't done a thing. The new Orla Keily line just came out at Bed Bath & Beyond and it's pretty and affordable and is totally inspiring me to spruce things up a bit. I always feel so gloomy when I walk into our bedroom. I thought the dark paint color we used would be soothing, but instead it's just depressing. It doesn't help that the lighting situation is pretty much non-existent. We have a big old radiator that needs to be ripped out and a lot of ugly old beige carpet with green tile underneath. Ugh. The whole thing just makes me sick. Definitely not the best way to drift off to a peaceful slumber at the end of the day.

The idea board I came up with includes a bunch of things we already own that I think could be repurposed in our space - the Michelle Armas print, the terrarium, and the floral pillowcases. I think paired with the white Orla Keily bedding and some fun stripes it would really freshen up the space!

Sources: quilt, sheet set, floral pillowcases, white pillowcase, velvet pillowcase, striped wall, lamp, terrarium, art


  1. It was 100% true for us. I just did our room recently, and we've been in our house for three years! I still have loads more to do...but for now it's at least it's not the same paint colour as the previous owners, ha ha!

    That Michelle Armas piece is beyond amazing. I can't wait to see your freshened bedroom!

  2. I'm in the process of freshening up our room as well. It was the most neglected in our house for a while. I've slowly been updating here and there but now I'm on a mission. I've been able to pull a few things we already had as well and that feels good. Your items that you've pulled together are great and will make you so happy.



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