Fringed Banner DIY


For Violet's first birthday party I made a fringed banner using Martha Stewart's instructions. This year I modified them a bit to make it faster and easier for me:

Materials: tissue paper, scissors, twine or string, clear tape

Step 1 - Fold the tissue paper in half:

Step 2 - Starting at the open side of the fold, cut thin strips into the tissue paper. Stop when you get about an inch from the folded side:

Step 3 - Cut the large piece into smaller sections (however large you prefer is fine. Mine were 2-3 inches wide):

Step 4 - Hang the twine and drape the folded side of each piece over it. Secure with clear tape:

Step 5 - Hang and enjoy!

The whole project took about half an hour - super easy. If I would've had more mint tissue paper I would have made a few more for sure. Happy DIY!  xo, Lauren


  1. Wow! This is so cute and easy! Great color choice too.

  2. thanks for the step by step! it's lovely and I'll be saving this idea for a future party--thanks again!


  3. SO easy!!! Thank you for sharing!!!



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