We finished putting up the wallpaper above our mantel last night (don't mind the mess) and decided that if we were going to do new sconces it was now or never. Here's what we bought:

It's the Francis Sconce from Pottery Barn. We were looking for something that wouldn't necessarily stand out (in a good or bad way) because we really want the wallpaper and mirror to be the star. They're arriving today or Friday - sooo excited! Now I just have to get my house cleaned up for the party this weekend - my least favorite part. Oh well, nothing like a party for motivation!

xo, Lauren


  1. so beautiful! i can't wait to see the finished look...and the party!! eeep! i love a good party!

  2. so true, nothing like house guest that make you clean the house! Looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see pictures from the birthday party!

  3. we have that sconce in our hallway and love it! can't wait to see pictures of yours installed.



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