I made some progress this weekend on Violet's big girl room. A few little projects left to do and it should be just about finished! She loves to play in the new space but we're keeping her in her crib for the time being. (P.S. I'm really proud that I hung those hooks myself - anchors and a drill and everything!)


  1. It looks amazing! I love the banner!

  2. Love everything except the antlers and whatever that other thing is that looks like an animal head coming out of the wall. I banned those things at my house. Of course Poppy was welcome, (if he ever got one), to put them in his workshop. I don't go in there.


  3. I've always loved that ombre hamper - do you love that? And big props to you for hanging those hooks. It's always a job when we have to hang anything in our house (ugh...plaster!). The room looks adorable!

  4. I love it all...especially the accent bed pillows. Where are they from??

  5. Julia - I'm going to do a big post when it's finished (hopefully soon) and I'll list all of the sources!

    Holly - LOVE the hamper. Wish it went with my room!



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