Violet's Second Birthday Party: Decorations + Food


We had Violet's second birthday party this weekend and she had a blast! More pictures to come tomorrow of the birthday girl, but here are a few of the food and decorations. We decorated while she took her nap (which wasn't nearly long enough! What is it about special days - when you want them to take a normal/long nap they decide to take a short one. Never fails.) When we brought her down the first thing she saw were the balloons and she let out a *Gasp!* It was so sweet. She then spent the next ten minutes thrashing around in the balloons and taking everything in.

There were a couple of mishaps. The drink dispenser that I purchased from Kirkland's leaked (first time I used it!) so my  mom ran out to buy me another. Well, that one leaked too. So we had a 'punch bowl'. I guess that's what I get for being cheap and buying a $15 dispenser! The wooden cutlery was pretty and got a lot of compliments...until we starting eating with them. They'd probably be fine for something soft like cake, but the prongs of the fork kept snapping as we tried to eat our salad. Oh well - live and learn.

Overall everything worked out great in the end thanks to a lot of help from my mom and the Mister. Stay tuned tomorrow for some pics of our little party animal!

xo, Lauren

Balloons, cake stand, plates, napkins, cups, cupcake wrappers + flags - Shop Sweet Lulu
Bamboo cutlery, rock candy, plastic cups - Party City
Cake topper, fringe banner, favor bags, paper flower headbands - DIY
Tissue Garland Fringe - Etsy seller caramelos
Washi Tape - Etsy seller WashiWishes


  1. Everything is beautiful...the cake is precious! Love the color scheme and the cupcake flags are so cute! Great job!!

  2. looks amazing!!!! great job and the colors are gorgeous!!!

  3. Beautiful! Of course, I would expect nothing less.

  4. The color combination looks so great. I love how you manage to decorate the cupcakes, looks more delicious.

  5. Oh what a fun and happy party! Love those giant balloons and the brights. Nicely done, mama.

  6. Very cute! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  7. Wow! So pretty! I love the garland over your couch--is there a DIY post on it anywhere?

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Silly Eagle - I will be putting up a few DIY posts from the party stuff in the near future. It's very easy to make!



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