Our Master Bedroom - Suggestions?

Whew! What a week. I've been outside almost all day every day with the babe enjoying the summer weather and I've barely had a chance to even glance at my blog roll. So in lieu of a Friday Favorites post I thought I'd share some current photos of the master bedroom with you. 

It's a definite work in progress - I'm think of painting the room white as it's a pretty small space and I think it would help to make it feel bigger (and brighter). We're definitely getting rid of the headboard - I'm hoping to make a DIY upholstered one before we start adding to our family. I HATED nursing with this headboard - soooo uncomfortable. It was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law and I so appreciated all of the furniture she gave to us (we had NOTHING when we moved in), but I think six years is enough and it's time to move on to something a little more comfortable (and taller).

The nightstands are also hand-me-downs from my parents which we painted. Now I'm kind of wishing for the natural wood color again but oh well! It's tough to find anything that will fit as obviously we're very short on space. If I had my druthers I'd have some antique mismatched nightstands or a pair of these. But I think it's not to be - at least not in this space! The only light fixture in the room is a very very sad sconce is left over from the previous owner. I can't believe we've lived this long this way but like I said we kind of put this room on the back burner while we worked on the rest of the house.

I'm not sure if I want to hang art on either side of the bed or go for plug-in sconces above the nightstands. Opinions? 

As far as the opposite side of the room is concerned, it needs a lot of work as well. The odd radiator cover on the right hand side of the room will go, along with the radiator inside of it. We've replaced it with a smaller more compact radiator and this one has just been sitting there until we got around to working on this space. The mirrored wall and upper cabinet will probably go as well. The barn doors I'm up in the air about. What do you think of them? Like or loathe? I've lived with them for so long now that I'm indecisive. 

We've also already purchased wood flooring for this room which I'm currently getting quotes on having it installed. The Hubster installed the flooring throughout the rest of the house, but has since hurt his back so I don't a DIY an option this time.

So that's pretty much it. I'd love to here your suggestions - it's a small space and I'd really like to make it more comfortable!

xo, Lauren

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  1. Keep: Corner built-in, drawer handles, and barn doors, all of which add a lot of character to a very tiny room. I think that without them the room would be too bland. That sconce above the bed definitely has to go! haha. Until you get a bigger headboard, some artwork would look great there. Maybe even an old reclaimed door for a headboard to go with the doors? What about a pair of regular lamps to go on the nightstands, and then some artwork above them? I've seen a lot of slender, safe-saving lamps out there in case you're worried they will take up too much space. Otherwise, some sconces would look nice, I'm sure. Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  2. Rip out the corner built in! KEEP the barn doors!
    I think the colour looks nice, light enough. And a big upholstered headboard would be nice.

  3. I like the corner built-in and barn doors. However, I think that there's a lot of white going on around the dresser and so some different pulls would look nice-- some kind of industrial style maybe? Or you could go cute, too. I always think that plug-in sconces above nightstands are cozy. Have you thought about painting the barn doors a color other than white? And, finally, an upholstered headboard will look great!

  4. I adore the barn doors and the built-in actually :) I love to switch up the small accessories i.e. the drawer handles. Simple but sweet. You have a great eye for style though. What about small lamps for the bedside tables? Have fun! xo.

  5. A little off topic, but i love your colorful shams- where are they from?

  6. A little off topic, but I love your colorful shams! where are they from?

  7. Keep corner built in. Get rid of the barn doors. Anyone who hasn't experienced how bulky and hard they are to open and close wouldn't understand. Put lightweight easy to open mirrored doors in instead. Will make the room look bigger and make your morning rush a lot easier.
    Love you

  8. Take out the corner built-in and change the dresser handles (DEFINITELY change the dresser handles, they're far too bulky for such a small room). Keep the barn doors and, if you paint the walls white, paint them in a cheerful color. For nightstands, look for "lamp tables." They can be hard to find, but they're small and slender and often have legs that can be easily cut down to make them bedside-height. Since your bedside tables are necessarily small, I would hang sconces, rather than use table lamps. But DO do something about the placement of your current lamp. Yikes!
    A taller headboard would be nice, since right now everything terminates at roughly the same height and it's not very appealing to the eye.
    Good luck! I'm so excited to see the outcome!

  9. You've got a lovely space to work with. I'm in the middle of planning changes to our bedroom too so your post caught my eye, although I've been following for a little while now. My vote is for ripping out the corner built in but keeping the long bank of drawers and keeping their handles. I think it looks quite streamlined. As for the barn doors, that's a definite keeper I'd say, such character. Floorboards will look lovely in your room. Not sure about the artwork above your bed... we have one large canvas above our bedhead and wall lamps above each of our bedside tables (I'm currently hunting for some nice ones). An upholstered bedhead would look lovely and I agree, so much better for nightime nursing (I used to have a European size pillow behind me to cushion my head as our bedhead isn't all that comfy either!!) Will look forward to seeing what you go with...

  10. i love the barn doors! i would paint them yellow or something fun, especially if you're painting the room white. :)

  11. What a lovely space! I love the barn doors. I think sconces above each nightstand would look awesome, and would leave you some space on your nightstands for things other than lamps. Can't wait to see what you do with the space! I don't know where you live, but it always looks so charming - both inside and out. I want to live there! :)

  12. Love the idea above about painting the walls white and the barn doors in a bright color. Genius.

    I'd definitely go with white walls. They're just so...pretty. I would also lose the corner built-in and definitely change the handles on the built-in dresser. White walls, colorful barn doors, a great upholstered headboard in a bold pattern!

    I also think the nightstands are really good in terms of scale, and they also seem to have mostly flat planes, so you could probably take the paint off them pretty quickly with a good sander. Once they're wood, you could always make them slightly mismatched on your own; vary the stain and distressing a bit, use different hardware, etc. I'd also personally go with lamps on them!

    All in all, though, it's a pretty room with very charming bones!

  13. I would put a mini desk or a PAX wardrobe where the mirrored wall is right now. And change out the handles on the dresser. And a headboard :)

    I have a white master bedroom and it is my favourite room in the house. You can go as crazy with your headboard as you want and it will all work.

    barn doors are awesome. keep those for sure. I wouldn't paint them a bright colour though... it would make them too much of a focal point. I would keep focus on your bed/headboard.

  14. I love a neutral bedroom, it is for rest and relaxation. I also love the barn doors, your public is speaking, keep them. On the bedside tables I would introduce them to the sander and find some of the timber atleast giving some interest without adding to much colour into the space.

    I also pinned these draw pulls (http://pinterest.com/pin/232076187017881566/) awhile back and seeing you pillow shams reminded me of them. I think they would make the draws and the room look like a little art installation.

    Have you considered having a 'get floored' party with some friends and using some of the cash installion would cost you on some lovely food and drinks when done. Could make for a good afternoon, we did something similar when we needed to get a garden done when moving house with a 1 year old and 6 months preganant. It was a great afternoon of fun and no one minded the work.

    Will love to see what you decide on. Hope we all help.

  15. Keep the barn doors!! So cute. I would repaint the nightstands a celery green and then use these as your nightstand lamps:
    out of the way but you can still plug them in an outlet.
    If it's enough lighting for you, maybe you could use the old sconce junction box for a picture light as well for a large canvas or just to highlight your new headboard. Or have an electrician move it to the ceiling.
    I like the little built-in shelves mainly because I would hate to have to patch the built-in dresser and walls after removing it! I think it wouldn't stand out as much if you painted that wall white to match the cabinetry. I would leave some color in the room, but white is fun too and is still a color after all if you feel like painting all the walls.
    Have fun! Little changes make a huge difference so take it slow, do when you can, and keep enjoying your summer!!

  16. I love the character that is brought in by the closet doors and the corner shelf. I would concentrate on that lighting and get that fixed up before anything else. I think sconces would be nice and would really soften it up for you. Since you already have that source there over the bed, could you get the sconces hard-wired? Then you'd have a lot more options as far as the look too. You could keep the handles on the dresser and just paint them too. I think you've got a such a fun, fresh vibe going on that you don't have to do much - I think the lighting would really make a huge difference. And I love the painting on your dresser - who is the artist? My husband and I just went to the Manayunk Arts Fest yesterday and I bought 2 originals that I'm so excited about.

  17. I would ditch the corner built-in and instead use the space for a mirror or some art. Maybe the big framed picture that's on your nightstand with some other, smaller framed prints or photographs? I'd also replace the drawer handles with something fresher and more "you". But definitely keep the barn doors!! Maybe if you go with a soft, warm gray for the walls you could paint the barn doors a fun soft yellow or turquoise/mint. Did you see that Young House Love are building a new headboard around their existing one? Maybe you could do the same and cover it with a fun fabric that picks up the color of the barn doors, if you were to paint them, or of the pillows you have on your bed now (which I think are super cute!). You could also paint your nightstands a fun color, but in a bedroom I'd be careful not to go too bright/neon. If you get rid of the sconce above the bed and get a ceiling light fixture instead you can use the space above the bed for art or a shelf. I think you have a lot of options and potential in this room, and I'm excited to see what you choose to do with it!

  18. What about painting the back of the built-ins? I think sconces will be a great idea, and agree that it's worth looking into getting them hard-wired - more options, less fuss and more value in the long run. While the barn doors may be heavy, they are really beautiful, and add so much character (your house isn't short on that, though, is it?). I would also change out the drawer pulls - maybe something in antique brass, antique bronze or even black? With the new headboard, art in the bed's wall might be tricky. Can the taller print go in the cluster on the shelf, and the larger, wider one on the opposite wall? Would a mirror help open it up more? Love the idea of white walls, and love what you've done so far. I'm excited to see what you put together!

  19. I vote to keep the barn doors and paint them a cheerful color especially if your're thinking of paint the walls white. The a nice cheerful color would tie into the pillows on your bed. I also vote to get new drawer handles in a different color. As for the built-in, you should probably wait until the room has evolved before making a decision.

  20. Love the barn doors and yes, cheerful color! I think I like the built in!



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