Silence of the Yews

No, not the soft wooly type. I wouldn't subject you to that on a Monday morning :) I'm talking the bristly green kind. They kind of got slaughtered this past week at the H-Haus...

The perpetrators:

Our yard already looks ten billion times better. Don't get me wrong, I'm no yew hater, but those things were hugely overgrown for our little front yard. Now we just have to decide what to do with the blank space. Grow some grass? Replace them with smaller more maintainable bushes? I'll have some before & after photos for you soon I promise!

On a related note Violet was trying to get her Daddy's attention in the midst of the massacre - it went something like this:

 "Daddy" [nothing.] "DADDY" [no response.] "DADDY!!!" [still silence.] "KEVIN!!!!!!" 

That one had me rolling for days. Goodbye yews. Hello mini-me :)

xo, Lauren



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