Steppin' Out Saturday


We managed to get out just the two of us for a date night while we are visiting here in Oz (thanks to my parents, sister, and brother-in-law!) We walked up and down the beach and had dinner overlooking the harbor. It was fun to try to remember to say things like chips instead of french fries and that we weren't supposed to tip! We shared a delicious bottle of wine and the Mister convinced me to try a bite of pork belly (eek!) I didn't absolutely hate it but I much preferred my risotto.

Really the thought of certain foods just totally grosses me out. Like eating baby animals (lamb, veal, etc.), or ripping apart the pieces of something as gross looking as a lobster or crab and sucking out the innards. Completely horrific. But then again I think that they should change the name of 'chicken' to something more nondescript. I mean they don't call beef 'cow', am I right?! Anyway, he's a pretty persuasive guy and definitely way more adventurous than me. Thanks for getting me to step out of my box a little, love!

Sometimes I forget how important that one on one time really is - it was great to reconnect and just be goofy together.

Oh and here's what I wore:
Striped Top & Earrings: Borrowed from my sister's closet
Skirt: JCrew Outlet
Shoes: Nine West

xo, Lauren


  1. LOL. You do know that bacon is a pork belly, right? It's just pork belly that has been seasoned and cured. Since I'm sure you've eaten bacon before, you really shouldn't have been anxious about it.

    I would also argue that it's very important to be aware of the foods we're eating. There's a big difference between eating chicken in the full knowledge that an animal has died for your plate of food and eating chicken while pretending it was a victimless undertaking. I used to feel like you, that separation of food from faceless, nameless animals was a good thing, but I've come to realize that's an irresponsible belief to cling to. I feel I'm a far better person, knowing as I do now, that the animals I eat were raised humanely, in comfort and care, and lived their lives happily doing as they have evolved to do until their slaughter. If you're going to eat animals, you should take responsibility for that, not deny it. Just my (unsolicited) two cents.



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