The Next Best Thing

a-lovely-lark-violet-sandbox-1 a-lovely-lark-violet-sandbox-2 Our beach trip got postponed because our ride (my sister) was knocked out of commission by the evil that is mastitis. (Thankfully she's now feeling much better after some frequent nursing and antibiotics). We're not quite confident to drive on the left hand side of the road ourselves in a strange
place, so we trekked just across the road for the next best thing - a giant sandbox. Violet was happy as a clam. It's great how kids roll with the punches and can be just as happy with the next best thing. 

Looks like Kevin is going to have a new project when we get back home :)

xo, Lauren


  1. I love your outfit! Where did you get the pieces?

    1. Thanks! The shirt is from Old Navy (I don't think they sell it any longer), the pants are from a store here in Australia, and the sandals are from TopShop:

      Sorry that's not super helpful!



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