Trip to Oz: The First Leg


Sorry for the silence, it's been a little while until I've been able to wrangle a laptop from the men in my family!

On the first leg of our trip to L.A. Violet did amazing. She was super excited about the plane thanks to some books we've been reading and a few clips from Sesame Street visits Hawaii. She watched a couple of movies and played with some of the apps on her iPad, and then had a tiny freak out before finally falling asleep for about an hour. She stayed asleep until we touched down in L.A., and the best thing was - no ear issues!!! Overall it was a huge success, which was great since we had two flights to go.

She loved the hotel - jumped around on the bed like a little jumping bean, rode the escalator over and  over, and ran around outside a lot. Our next flight wasn't until 11:45 PM the following night, so we visited Santa Monica beach and pier while we were there, ate at Rae's Restaurant and Sloopy's Beach Cafe - I'd highly recommend both. She saw the ocean for the first time but was a little grouchy at that point from the time change and lack of sleep, so it wasn't as big of a hit as we had hoped. We rented a car and drove around for the second half of they day while she slept in her car seat and saw all of the touristy stuff - Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Mulholland Drive, the Hollywood sign, and a couple of overlooks. We'll be visiting L.A. a bit again on the way home, so I'd love to know if you have any places that you recommend visiting (that are fairly close to the airport).

xo, Lauren

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  1. Traveling that far with Violet must be exciting, but also stressful. I give you mad props.

  2. looks so lovely - hope you're enjoying the time with the fam!
    could you recommend some first time on a plane books? we leave for FL in a couple weeks - definitely not a long trip compared to you! 2 hours tops! I thank you though for your recommendations re: things to take. I just got the headphones, sticker books and color wonder set today! WHEW!

    1. Thanks Carla! There will be a post this week on the books, but in case you need the info sooner our favorites were: Going on a Plane (Usborne First Experiences) and My Plane Tripe (Dover Coloring Book). The other two we ordered were okay: Freddie goes on an airplane and Airport by Byron Barton. Hope that helps!



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