Violet's Bedroom


We've been working for what feels like ages on my daughter Violet's big girl room. It was a slow transformation from what I've dubbed a 'zebra bordello' to what we have today. (If you're curious you can see the before's over on my personal blog here). With a toddler running around we don't have much time, and our budget was tight, so we did things slowly and over time.

The starting point for the room was actually the rug. I had purchased it years ago on clearance from Anthropologie, and while I still love it, it no longer worked in the space for which it was originally intended. So rather than wasting a perfectly good rug, we decided to use it in the one unfinished space in the house - Violet's room. Working around this rug was a bit of a challenge for me. It definitely limited my color palette, as there aren't a huge amount of colors that go with chartreuse green. I was saved when I came across this lovely color palette over on Creature Comforts.

I was actually pretty excited to use pink, as I definitely did not use traditional girly colors in her nursery.   I knew that I didn't want the walls to be pink just in case she got a little older and decided she hated pink, so we went with a creamy neutral. That left me with the bedding and dresser to douse in as much pink as I pleased. I originally scoured Craigslist in search of an inexpensive antique dresser to paint like this one over on Making it Lovely. But when I finally found the right piece, I just couldn't bring myself to paint over that beautiful wood. Despite that I still felt that the space needed a pop of pink, so I painted a color block behind the dresser instead.

On the other side of the room I went in search of pink bedding. I hit the jackpot when I came across this lovely polka dot bedding over on House 8810. I gave Violet a billion pillows, because she loves to have pillow fights and make pillow beds on the floor. (Thanks to her Aunt Nikki and Nonny) I made two of them myself from linen that I purchased at a local fabric store. The sheets were purchased at Land of Nod and the larger sham came from Restoration Hardware (on sale). The smaller pillows were from Land of Nod, Etsy and Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie. At that point the room was starting to feel really traditional, and I prefer a combination of traditional and modern, so I mixed things up a bit with a modern bed from West Elm and bench (actually part of a closet system) from IKEA. I made the bench cushion myself - I purchased two-inch foam (on sale at 50% off!) from Joann Fabrics, used some left over fabric from my daughter's nursery, and pinned it all together. Eventually I'll get around to sewing it, but I ran out of time before we left for our vacation. It's holding up fine for now! :)

On the largest wall I went with a pull-down map that I found on eBay for $5. I had originally purchased it with the plan to paint over it, but the Mister convinced me to save it. (Luckily the colors happened to go quite well in the space). I'd been coveting this Up poster from Fine Little Day for quite some time, so that went up on the wall as well, as well as this Adventurers screen print from Fifi du Vie. These removable wallpaper decals from Love Mae jumped out at me on Pinterest and I thought they'd be perfect in the small space above the bench. The last wall that needed something was above the bed. I really wanted to use this Daydream wallpaper by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West, but I had hit my budget limit at that point. So I decided to freehand a similar mural myself ($2.80 for a paint sample jar from Home Depot) I went with a minty color for the simple fact that I'm completely obsessed with it at the moment.

I didn't have any particular theme in mind for the space - I just put together things that I love and that I thought Violet would love as well. Overall I'm pretty happy with how the space turned out, and Violet loves playing in there until we make the move out of her crib. (Very nervous about that!)

This post got a lot longer than I had planned, so I'll list all of the sources below and if you have any questions let me know!

xo, Lauren

Narrow Leg Bed - West Elm
Dottie Quilt - House 8810
Dresser - Craigslist
Bench - IKEA
Bench Cushion - DIY
Bench Fabric - Jo-ann Fabric
Zinc Letter 'V' - Anthropologie
Gray Sham - Restoration Hardware Baby & Kids
Pink Polka Dot Sheets - Land of Nod
Striped Pillow - Urban Ecology
Floral Pillow - Skinny LaMinx
Star Pillow - Hello Milky
Large Round Pillow - Land of Nod
Small Round Pillow - Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie
Linen Pillows - DIY (Fabric from Joann Fabric)
Doll - Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie
Dancer Bear - Lieschen Mueller
Map - eBay
Adventurers Print - Fifi du Vie
Bear & Antler Hooks - West Elm
Christy's Cottage Dollhouse - Melissa & Doug
Bedside Shelf - Michael's Craft Store
Umbra Horizon Crunch Cans - Container Store
Up Poster - Fine Little Day
Book Shelf - IKEA
Star Pillow - Colette Bream
Swallows Wallpaper Decals - Love Mae
Curtains - IKEA
Large Rug - Anthropologie 
Faux Sheepskin Rug - IKEA
Eleanor Frameless Mirror - Pottery Barn
Star Garland - DIY
Tissue Paper Tassel Mobile - FleurLux
Squirrel Lamp - Anthropologie
Gold Mushroom Lamp - Mokkasin
Handpainted Blocks - How Now Design
Gnome - MOMA Store
Terrarium Postcards - Quill and Fox


  1. Love, love, love! You have outdone yourself! It is simply beautiful!!

  2. Another home run. You have a true talent!

  3. Lauren, this is amazing! This looks like it jumped off the pages of a magazine....well done:)

  4. Seriously, you are amazing. That wall behind her bed is incredible! I love every thing about this space--thanks so much for sharing it.

  5. It looks great! I have the same terrarium postcards... bought them to hang up, too. They look so cute stuck to the wall with washi tape!

  6. Gorgeous. Really well done! Congrats! My favourite bit is the mural behind the bed. It is absolutely adorable!

  7. The whole space and every detail is simply darling! You did a fantastic job. I love the way it all came together. And I'm actually really happy you didn't paint that dresser too! I feel like the wood tone in there really warms the space up and adds a nice organic texture. I can't believe you free handed that wall! Totally had me fooled, I thought it was the real deal!

    1. I'm happy that I didn't paint it in the end too!

  8. What a gift to give Violet! I love, too, that so much of it can grow with her. The late-addition (free hand?!) wall mural & bird decals are so beautiful. You managed to make this space simultaneously whimsical, layered and modern. What talent!

  9. I love every bit of it. Well done! I'm sure Violet loves it, too.

  10. OMG, I totally thought that was wallpaper behind the bed too!!! Rock on, that is so cool. Such a great idea to paint it instead!! The whole room really is amazing, it has such a good vibe to it. It's definitely a good mix of fun kid and adult sophistication. Love all the whimsy. When are you thinking of moving Violet for real into here? Are you going to wait until she climbs out of her crib or do it before? Also, are you worried about moving her right to a twin bed (skipping the toddler bed), because this is what we plan to do too (I have the twin headboard and footboard I grew up sleeping in that I'm going to use) and I've been wondering how she's going to do with the transition?!

    1. We're thinking of moving Violet in quite soon actually. I'm going shopping today for a bedrail and some blackout shades. We're not worried about skipping the toddler bed as she's able to get in and out of the bed just fine. I am worried about taking her out of her crib because I have a feeling she's going to end up in our room or playing in hers quite a bit! We'll see. I'll let you know how it goes :)

  11. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! :) xo

  12. It turned out super amazing. I love the wallpaper and unique shape of the space.

  13. It's unbelievably cute!! Love all of it. The birds on the wall, star pillow, and adventurers print are some of my favorites! Well done!

  14. You did it AGAIN! I have loved your nursery forever, and completely love Violet's big girl room as well. Your mural is awesome, love the mix of bed linens-- have you seen the print on Fine Little Day "Friends of Violet"?

  15. This room is incredible. I want to copy-cat it soooo bad! Really, really beautiful!

  16. Just popped over here from Aesthetic Outburst. I love what you've done with the room. Its perfectly sweet.

  17. Nice! I'm pretty sure those sheepskin rugs at IKEA are not faux; they are real.

    1. They aren't real, the link goes to the site and, it is indeed Faux sheepskin.

  18. HI, Lauren! You created a beautiful space for your little girl. Love it all! Could you please tell me a little more about that gorgeous doll house? Is it vintage? Do you happen to know what brand it is?

    1. Thanks Sarah! No it isn't vintage - it's Christy's Cottage by The House that Jack Built. You used to be able to purchase them at Melissa & Doug's site but I'm not sure if they're available there any more. I would check Amazon. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Lauren! I just discovered your blog and feel like I've been missing out! I love love this beautiful room you did for your little girl :) I have a little one and have been hoping to slowly re-do her room. Can you tell me where you found that mountain painting/art that is on Violet's wall by the window? I looked for it and didn't see it listed but may have missed it... Thank you!!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much :) The poster is from Fine Little Day.

  20. I love this room! I'm so impressed by your Julia Rothman Daydream interpretation. Did you just use a craft brush? It's so well done!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much! I wish I could have afforded the real deal, but did the best I could on a budget :) I just used a round artist's paintbrush that I would typically use on a canvas.



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