Violet Says


Violet's speech has just exploded lately and she's saying so many funny things! I thought I'd start a regular column so I don't forget any of it. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. We were all in the car driving to the grocery store and talking to Violet about people's ages. Kevin said, "Violet is two, Daddy is 29, and Mommy is 30 years old." To which Violet retorted, "No Mommy old, Daddy! Mommy NEW."

2. Violet: "Mommy, me witch!"
Me: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"
Violet: "Bad witch. Me fly me broom!"

3. After wiggling her finger around in her nose, she pulled her finger out and with triumph in her voice squealed, "Mommy, GOLD!"

4. When trying to put her shoes on herself, she realized she has them on backwards and says with the cutest grin on her face, "Silly me!"

5. One day she kept saying over and over "Damnit, Mommy. DAMNit. We were horrified until we finally asked her to show us what she was saying, and she ran over to the cabinet and pointed to it. "DAMNit, Mommy"!

Us (with much relief): Ohhhhh, CABINET!

And it's only the beginning...

xo, Lauren


  1. Cute!
    My daughter is 1.5. She often plays with a big red, double decker bus that has people that sit in it. She often says "sit down, people!" as she puts them in the bus. What comes out of her mouth, however, sounds more like, "sh** damn poop hole!" It makes me giggle every time. ;)

  2. She said Oh Shit to us the other day. It may have been something else, but it sounded like Oh Shit. :)



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