Play Felt Pumpkin Patch

Violet has been a bit bored with her usual toys, but we're trying to save some money at the moment. So rather than run out and buy her some new toys, I decided to get creative. I just put up a felt pumpkin patch for her to play with and I'm excited to see how she likes it!

Felt is so easy and inexpensive - just cut it out and it sticks to itself, and when Halloween is over or she gets bored with it I can just cut out a few different things and it'll be like a new. I have a few other ideas I want to try out too - I love what YHL did with Clara's train and while we don't have space for a mounted board I may try experimenting with fabric or oilcloth.  I also recently wrote a post about small space play for Apartment Therapy that has a lot of fun ideas. It's hard squeezing in the time to get crafty with being back at work full time, but I'm going to try to figure it out!

Update: Kid Approved!


  1. great idea! I want to try something similar with my daughter for a Christmas tree... but why not also do a jack-o-lantern!



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