Violet Says Vol. 2


Violet is saying so much now and what I'm finding the most amazing is how much she has been listening. I know this because my own words have been flying out of her mouth like crazy. For example, she often gets upset if she wants to see more of something and can't. Like red stoplights (she only likes the red light - there is to be "No geen ever, ever gain!". I'll often try to appease her unhappiness by saying, "Keep your eyes open, we may see another one" Well just the other day she came up with this one:

[Man walking his dog across the street talking on his cell phone]
Violet [pointing]: Mommy - me pet woof!
Me: Sorry sweetie, that man is talking on his phone so we can't ask him
Violet [Instead of bursting into tears]: Me keep me eyes open Mommy. Nother woof comin'. Mommy keep eyes open too.

Wow. Just wow.

And back on the subject of red lights:

Me: The red light means stop, the yellow light means slow down, and the green light means go.
Violet: Blue light? (Her favorite colors are red and blue)
Me: There is no blue light sweetie.
Violet: Daddy take blue light!

Basically anything she is missing she claims was stolen by her father. No idea where she came up with that notion.

And just the other night I was putting her down in her big girl bed. I read her a book, patted her back for a bit, and went to close the gate at the top of the stairs. She stood up and said, "Stepmutha lock doohr Cindawella!"

Two is my favorite age :)



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