Gap Organics

If we have another girl, of course I'll be pretty set as far as baby clothes are concerned, but I may have to pick up a piece or two from Gap's Organics Collection. It would be perfect for a little boy or a little girl, so I really can't go wrong, right?


  1. Those are super cute and they even LOOK organic!

  2. These little outfits are precious!! Congrats on # 2! How exciting...and I love the time lapse vid announcement. Adorable.

    Are you finding out what you're having?!

  3. What gorgeous little outfits! I say get every one of them you can! Congratulations on your new addition. :) P.S.- your robot identifying system pretty much thinks I'm a spammer. Yikes! I almost gave up on my comment.

    1. Sorry about that Erin! Glad you persevered. My mom always has trouble too.



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