Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! This year Halloween has been really fun - Violet is old enough to watch two of my favorite movies - Garfield Halloween and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She definitely liked Garfield more because of the 'scary parts!' In fact we had to watch the scary parts four times! We carved our pumpkin way too early and it kind of disintegrated, but we sure had fun doing it :) And we've been practicing our 'Trick or Treat!' so that we get lots of candy, candy, candy, candy. Wish us luck! xo, Lauren

P.S. Violet's first Halloween (she was a witch!) + Violet's first trick-or-treat


  1. Violet looks adorable, but I'm also admiring that Lule Sanchez painting behind her (at least I think it's one of hers). Enjoy the day! My daughter was 2 in August and she sort of gets it that she can get lots of candy today.

  2. Violet is soooo cute! Happy Halloween!



  3. Violet is so adorable! Have a fun evening trick-or-treating!



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