The Loveliest Little Clothing


Have you seen the Fall clothing over at H&M kids? There is so much that I would love to get for Violet! It's too bad you can't order online - my cart would be full for sure. These are my favorites:

Top row: tops . sweater . cap
Bottom row: bodysuit . gloves . tights

And then there's the infant clothing...

Top row: dress . shoes . bib overalls . shorts
Bottom row: suspender pants . cardigans - patterned/white . top . tights

And then...there's this play tent:

Oh H&M, why do you do this to me? 


  1. I'm just dieing over all the cuteness.
    H&M baby clothing is the best. I can't wait to go crazy with all the shopping - I'm not pregnant though...yet ;) :-P

  2. I bought an absurd amount of stuff for baby #2 at my local H&M. The rices are killer for the style and the little girl stuff is just too cute to handle!

  3. Oh my goodness! That stuff is way too cute. I'm going to have to go there and get myself in trouble :) Thanks for the heads up!!!


  4. Yeah, my kids are fully clothed in H&M. But I can LONGED for H&M home wares, that we do not have! I discovered 10 years ago, while pregnant with my son, this store was the only store that carried equal amounts of clothes for both genders and equally cool and cute clothes for both girls and boys.

    1. The link for the tent does not work. It takes me to the tights. Can you repost? Thanks!

    2. Sorry, should be all fixed now!

  5. Eeesh... I so did not need to see this. We're also expecting #2, although no one knows yet, and those suspender pants have my fingers crossed that it's a boy.

  6. I just like the picture full of elegant details. Working with the designer was amazing, he responded to all my inquiries, he helped me to modify some measurements of my dress too.



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