Three Things


Just wanted to pop in to share a few things I'm excited about...

One: Violet slept through the night - hooray! We're trying out a reward chart to see if it helps her keep it going. More on that later.

Two - I think I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday. So much earlier than my pregnancy with Violet, but this time around I guess I know what it feels like :) Just those little flutters are making me feel so much more connected with this baby.

And Three: I wanted to thank West Elm for featuring Violet's room on their blog, Front & Main! Check it out here.

Happy Friday all! xo, Lauren


  1. Hurray to all three things!
    PS: You may want to tell West Elm that your daughter's name is Violet and not Veronica!

    1. Thanks Bethie - I didn't even notice that lol



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