A Visit with the Big Guy

A-Lovely-Lark-Winter-Festival-2012 We went to the local Winter Festival this past weekend and visited the big guy himself. Violet was sooo excited to see Santa. She kept saying, hurry Mommy, hurry! I had my doubts about if she would even sit on his lap - she was pretty clingy after having a shorter-than-usual nap and the past two years with Santa haven't gone so well. This year was special though - Santa magically knew Violet's name (let's just say he was very VERY close friends with Violet's great uncle...) and she got right up there and sat on his knee. She was a little star struck - she wouldn't look at Santa, but she sat there and smiled like a champ. She also told him that she wanted "Pehsents - bue, wed! And a tahr" (Blue and red presents and a car for her dollhouse).

They also had a little train set up for the kids and carolers. She had a blast riding on the train and told us it was "verwy fast!"We didn't get to stay for the big tree lighting -  I think between the cold and lack of sleep she had about reached her limit. Overall I'll mark the night off in the book as a success and I'll bet she's going to get everything on her little wish list... :) xo, Lauren



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