Supermom: Brandy Mercredi of Heart & Habit

Brandy Mercredi of Heart & Habit

This week's Supermom is Brandy Mercredi of Heart & Habit! Brandy has the two most stylish and adorable kiddos on the block. Her family always looks straight out of a magazine, but I love that Brandy is great at finding deals and coming up with ways to get the most wear out of her little one's outfits. She's also the founder of the Style Mentors - a service to help those of us who are in a bit of a fashion rut freshen up our wardrobe. Read on to learn more about this week's supermom...

I first started blogging back when I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought it would be a fun way to keep my brain in the fashion scene (but in my own way for a change) while I went into maternity leave and (like many other bloggers) to keep our far away friends and family in the kiddo photo overload loop. 

Oh man, that is a tough question! I really love all of it (excluding the parts where my little's transform into monsters) but I think one of the best parts so far is seeing how my kids interact with others. Watching how all the educating, loving and nurturing we have given the kids, has helped transform them into amazing little people.

Bedtime, bedtime fights are my nemesis right now. Really though, it has to be seeing them sick or in pain - not having supermom powers to make everything better is tough to swallow sometimes because I want to make everything all better for them all the time.

1. Super Strength Concealer

2. One REALLY Great Pair of Jeans - more then one if possible, but making sure you have one pair that makes you feel great every time you wear them. Makes getting dressed in a rush much less stressful. (Image: Madewell)

3. Yoga or Gym Pass (or a great at home workout) - time alone is pretty priceless, but if you can couple time alone with a stress reliever/self esteem booster? Extra amazing.

I don't! I've reached a point in motherhood (or maybe life) where I realize "doing it all" is not possible, so I juggle what I can each day - making sure the kids always come first. When I have time, I just really try to make the most of it; naps, bedtime, when the kids are playing together and tell me to go do something else (they have their own little club I am sometimes not invited too).

Take each day as it comes and try to remember that whatever you might have planned for the day "probably" won't happen the way you planned. Really just go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. Sorry epic cheese, but it's true.

My mom of course, three kids basically on her own for most of our lives - no idea how she did it so perfectly.

Thanks Lauren!

Thank you so much to Brandy for your thoughts and advice! Bedtime is my favorite time of day too (and I only have one!). To see more of Brandy and her adorable family, visit her blog Heart & Habit.

xo, Lauren


  1. The Klean Kanteen is awesome - I've never seen that before but will be getting one for my little one. Love finding new-to-me blogs too.

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