Master Bedroom Redo: Part 1

We finally decided to tackle the master bedroom. It's the last room in our house with carpet, and we've been putting it off for a number of reasons - the biggest two being the Mister's back and the asbestos tile we knew was lurking beneath the rug. (Is it just us or does everyone save their own bedroom space as the last to fix up?) After some months of taking it easy with his back, Kevin got the brilliant idea to glue the wood flooring down instead of nailing it. It's a thinner wood, and it's actually recommended to be glued, so we're pretty excited to give it a go. Not only will it be easier on his back, it won't disturb the asbestos tile like nails would. I love a good win-win!

The first order of business was to remove the old radiator, starting with the hideous cover:

What we found beneath was almost more horrific than the asbestos tile, I must say. About a foot thick with dust:

Next the carpet had to go. Violet supervised while Kev cut it into strips and rolled it up:

Here is the finished result: a radiator-free wall and emerald green asbestos tile. Not exactly what I think Pantone had in mind:

There was actually a small section where the asbestos tile was missing after we pulled out the radiator, so Kevin filled the space in with some inexpensive peel-and-stick tile from Lowes. To make sure it was extra solid he used liquid nails in addition to the tiles' adhesive. Easy peasy!

I can't say how excited I am about the progress and I now I really can't wait for the wood floors to go in! That tile is super cold on your feet in the morning, that's for sure. What were people thinking putting that in a bedroom (or anywhere for that matter)?! Ah the joys of an older home :)

Have any of you used the glue method with wood flooring? How did it go? Anything we should know before we begin? Thanks in advance! xo, Lauren


  1. We pulled up all of the rugs in our house when we first moved in and it was quite the task but it feels so good when it's all done. My skin actually took a beating from pulling up the carpet. I have not glued flooring but it sounds like a good solution for you guys.

    1. Yeah pulling up carpet is no joke. I did a lot of it on our main floor a few years ago and it was a dirty, tiring job!

  2. No experience with gluing the flooring but wanted to at least chime in and say that our master bedroom is definitely at the bottom of the list when it comes to "home improvement to-dos"



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