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Pregnancy is one crazy ride. I was feeling great in the second trimester, and suddenly when I hit the third trimester the energy disappeared and my hormones went crazy. I was feeling so incredibly down and blue. It helped a little to know that it was a pregnancy thing, but I was at the point where I just couldn't stand feeling so blah any more. I was depressed about every ridiculous little thing and just wanted this pregnancy to be over. Thank goodness my body is finally starting to even out again and I'm feeling a little more 'normal' (or at least as normal as you can feel with a person doing flips inside of you!) I've even felt like taking some belly pictures, so you may be subjected to a few these final six weeks.

And for you other pregnant ladies out there, Old Navy currently has some of my favorite maternity tanks. They're super comfy, come in a bunch of cute colors and patterns, and can be dressed up or down. I seriously want to wear them all of the time.

In other news I feel like the nursery is really coming together now that I've gotten the fabrics:

I'm keeping all of the same furniture and probably the paint, but I wanted to freshen things up a bit with the accessories. The dhurrie rug is from West Elm - on the site it says it's "earth red" but it's really closer to raspberry pink in my book, which I love. I also got these Anthro pillowcases and am planning to sew them together to recover the window seat cushion. Serena & Lily just had a kids' bedding sale and I picked up these pretty patterned crib sheets at a bargain, and the faux sheepskin is one we've had for a long time now from IKEA. I'm so excited to finish up the space!

And last but not least I've been getting some questions about Violet's toddler bed. We went with the SUNDVIK from IKEA - great price and looove the look. Violet loves that it is small (like her) :) and has sides so she feels nice and secure. We didn't have the best experience in purchasing it (I won't get into all of that. Let's just say words were exchanged.), but I'm really happy with it in the end.

We made a few other small changes in Violet's room, so I'll probably do a full update on it soon. I just need to find time to snap a few 'real' photos (AKA not on my phone). And the best news of all is that Violet still isn't 100% but seems to be feeling much better today so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery - thank heavens for modern medicine!

xo, Lauren


  1. awesome recs on the ON tanks I have been loving those and surprisingly targets maternity range. Also love the rug it's pretty and not too pink (but if my mini had her way the whole house would be a bit pink bubble) I know how you feel about being in the third trimester, I am just ready to sleep all the time. It's better than it was but I am relying on a lot of things to keep me awake and ready to go.

    I am glad Violet is feeling better though, it seems this belated winter cold is hitting everyone and it's not fun at all. Sae just got over her own cold (with some minor congestion left over) I cannot wait until it warms up a bit and they can shrug off these winter blues for good.

  2. LOVE those Anthro sheets, I've been coveting them for ages! They are so FUN! I can't wait to see the room all put together! And Violet's bed is precious and darling, so sorry she's been ill -- my daughter has been ill for 2 weeks and she's finally doing a bit better, this has been such a bad winter for illness :(

    And your top is fabulous :)

  3. Love Violet's room! I've been looking into the same ikea bed, but a bit unsure about bedding. Where did you find your toddler bedding that fit it? Thank you so much!

  4. so glad to have found your darling blog! i am also wondering about bedding for the sundvik bed- I know it is an odd size - between a toddler bed and a twin. what have you found that works? : ) thanks!

    1. We generally have just been using twin fitted sheets and tucking them in under the mattress. So far it's been working perfectly! I figure that way we can still use them when we move her to a bigger bed.



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