Sick Day


My poor little girl is sick. Is there anything sadder? She has an ear infection, fever, and GI issues. Yesterday she said to me, "Mommy - my ear not wortin'!" (working) I felt so bad that I couldn't fix it for her. We gave her some medicine for her ear ache and she kept asking for more. When I told her she couldn't have more she said, "But I still cyin' (crying) Mommy!" It's so hard to explain to a two-year-old that medicine won't work instantly and may not make her hurt go completely away.

And getting food into her? Nearly impossible. Yesterday I just kept putting things in front of her and trying to get her to eat something - anything. She had a half a bagel for breakfast, a handful of peanut butter crackers for lunch, a bite of a banana, and some pickles for dinner. She wouldn't even eat pancakes - I never thought I'd see the day! Here's hoping the antibiotics kick in soon. xo, Lauren


  1. poor little sweetheart! feel better soon violet ♡

  2. Poor thing :( Feel better little lass! BRAT diet, pedialyte pops and Gatorade are a toddler's best friend in these moments.

  3. Hope your little girl is feeling better. And you have a beautiful blog.



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