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We had a pretty low-key weekend. I went to the grocery store and picked up some pretty blooms for around the house. I am so ready for spring and it helps to have some flowers sprinkled about. I also went into nesting mode and washed a few things for our new little lady. I forgot how tiny newborn clothing is! I couldn't get over it - I kept holding them up to Kevin and saying, "Look at this one!" He's been doing a good job of humoring me and my crazy pregnant lady hormones :)

Violet was a bit hot and cold as far as how she was feeling this weekend. One day she'd seem perfectly happy and healthy and the next she was extremely tired, grouchy, and refused to eat much of anything. She's still on the antibiotics and I'm hoping she's still just recovering and that there isn't something more going on with her. I tend to be on the paranoid side of things, so I found myself looking up things "like appendicitis symptoms in toddlers" on Google. We're all back to work and she's back at the sitter's today, so maybe being back in a regular routine will help? Sometimes I really wish kids came with an instruction manual!

And last but not least Kev got the bedroom painted! It looks so fresh and clean, I can't wait to share some photos. Hope you had a good weekend!

xo, Lauren


  1. love the outfits! are they rompers?? love that there's no writing or cutesy animals....

    1. Thanks Carla! Some are rompers, some are dresses, some are one pieces - they're actually all from Carter's Kids. They have some really cute stuff!



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