Lovely Little Party: Decorate, Make, Cake, Take


Thought maybe I'd start a new party series (I seriously enjoy coming up with party ideas - good thing now I have two kids to plan parties for!). So I'm going to include ways to decorate, things for your little guests to make, ideas for the cake, and favors for everyone to take. Here's what I'm thinking for Violet's third birthday (she's requested a princess/prince/monster party with blue and red):

Decorate with these honeycomb tissue paper poms

Make these monster masks and paper crowns

Use these paper pennants and this cake stand for your cake and cupcakes

Send your little guests home with these wooden princess wands or these DIY cardboard shields


  1. I love this idea! And this first one is so fun!! Monsters & princesses never looked so cute!

  2. I love that she wants to combine princesses and monsters!

    Those honeycomb puffs are even cuter than tissue poms!



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