Over 50 Sweet (but Sugar-Free) Easter Gift Ideas

I have nothing against a little candy on holidays, but I like to fill Violet's Easter basket with other things too. Here are over fifty of my favorite alternatives to the sugary stuff:
Clockwise from top left:
1. Colors by Orla Keily
2. Knit Carrot Rattle
3. Ollie by Olivier Dunrea
4. Wooden Bug House
5. Butterfly Mask
6. Egg Crayons
7. Jump Rope
8. Bunny Slippers
9. Flower Jump Rope
10. Egg Shaker
11. Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy
12. Gardening Tools
13. Bird Rattle
Clockwise from top left:
14. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt
15. Bunny Rabbit Prize Balls
16. Romper
17. Egg Car
18. Ant Farm
19. Bunny Slippers
20. Magnifying Glass
21. Wooly the Sheep
22. Organic Rabbit Onesie

Clockwise from top left:
23. Egg Sidewalk Chalk
24. Flower Crown
25. Wooden Heart Egg Cups
26. Chickadee Knit Booties
27. Bubbles
28. Wooden Ducky Pull Toy 
29. Cotton Petal Hair Clips
30. Plush Bunny
31. Play-Doh Eggs
32. Natural Beeswax Crayons
33. Wooden Flower Teething Ring
34. Butterfly Hair Clips
35. Colored Pencils
36. Spotted Slouch Pants

Clockwise from top left:
37. Fluffle Bunny
38. Rabbit Pacifier Clip
39. Birdy Purse
40. Plush Rabbit
41. Plush Bunny
42. Butterfly Mask
43. Bunny Coat
44. Bunny Jumper
45. Bunny Ears Headband
46. Paper Rabbit Decorations
47. Personalized Wooden Egg

Clockwise from top left:
48. Charley Harper Memory Game
49. Hi-Bounce Pinky Ball
50. Wooden Egg Toy
51. Organic Bunny Bib
52. Deer Print Leggings
53. Boon Odd Ducks
54. Paint-your-own Bunny
55. Silly Putty
56. Organic Plush Rabbit
57. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
58. Kata Golda Plush Lamb


  1. Great compilation! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Thank you for adding My ducky to this awesome collection!

  3. Such a beautiful collection!

  4. Wonderful Collection!!! Love it All Easter Gifts.

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful collections.



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