Snow Slush Day


It's a good thing that Violet insisted on going out in the snow earlier this morning, because since then it has quickly turned to slush. We spent the rest of the morning inside playing with sand, and I must say, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but my kid is Picasso reincarnate. (disclaimer: I may be a bit biased).

And yes, her shirt is on backwards. She dressed herself :) Hope you're having a lovely day - snow or not! xo, Lauren


  1. Is that a wallpaper, or wall sticker behind your desk? It is so pretty! I am a very big fan of your blog, I have been following it every day for about 2 years. Your blog, and your style are my favourites!

  2. Thanks so much Vanessa! It's wallpaper. If you mean the wallpaper in the above photo it's Cole & Son's Cow Parsley. If you're referring to the wallpaper behind my desk it was from Anthropologie - I think it was called Dotswald?

  3. Thanks Lauren - I did mean the one behind your desk. I must have posted my comment in the wrong section - sorry! I love the colours (pink and purple). I can't wait to see your new nursery design completed - very excited!!

  4. Your daughter remind me so much of Matilda. :) So cute!!



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