Violet Says Vol. 5


*Violet drops a crayon on the floor.*
Me: Can you pick that up please sweetheart?
V: No I tan't Mommy - I have a verwy bad told (cold).

"Daddy, you have hittups? You hold your bweath and drink some wadduh, and your wish come true!"

Talking to her Poppy:
Violet: Poppy, you want wed, boo, geen, lellow, purple, white or orange? 
Poppy: Um, I'll have white.
Violet: No, no! You want this lellow one wiiiight heeyah.

At the doctor's office:
Doctor: Violet, your Mommy is a very nice lady.
Violet: No! She not a lady. She only a Mommy.

The other night V was crying a bit at bedtime because her Daddy was out and couldn't come sing her a song. After I got her calmed down her nose was a little runny, so I asked if she needed a tissue. Her response, "No Mommy, I otay - I just lit (lick) it *slurp*"

Ah, I love this age! If only I could remember all of the funny things she says. I could write a book! 
xo, Lauren


  1. ha, I can relate to the Doctor one, I am always "her Mommy" nothing else and no one else!

  2. that hiccup story is pretty much the sweetest ever.

  3. Oh, so adorable. My 3 year old son just recently told me: Mama, I want everybody be naked, I think naked is beautiful. We could see boobies everywhere:)). I almost fell off my chair. This age is precious. Write everything down before you forget it!

  4. Too cute! Love this age too! Write down what she says and you'll look back together at that book in 20 years :)



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