Easter 2013

Our Easter morning was super fun - it was Violet's first time having a chocolate bunny!!! She loved it, but the funny thing is that her reaction to a box of raisins was no less than her reaction to the chocolate or candy. Two (almost three) is fun like that.

We've been slowing trying dairy with her and on Easter we felt like it was time. She's been doing great and I'm so excited to get to feed her like a "normal" kid. It's actually been hard to break out of the non-dairy thing, we've gotten so used to it! She downed some of her Grandmom's homemade chocolate covered eggs like a boss:

And I've been fending off Easter egg decorating requests for days since Easter. I'm going to be honest and admit that was a bit of a nightmare (for me at least) this year. I should have just put her outside naked with some glitter and egg dye and said have fun kid! It was a serious mess and I'm surprised that our poor egg-dyed table lived to tell the tale. I blame it mostly on myself - I wasn't as organized as I should have been and pregnancy brain was in high gear. I mean, I overflowed the SINK people. I didn't have the eggs ready and in my haste to boil them and cool them down I just stuck them in the sink and left it running while I ran back out to set up the other goodies. Then I heard the sound of water splattering all. over. the. floor. Yeah. It was a good time at 38 weeks pregnant. 

So anyway we managed to get her wild curls tamed and then on the way to her Aunt's house for the egg hunt, out it came. Sigh. She still looked adorable regardless of course and everyone's hair looked pretty rough after egg hunting in the rain anyway. At least I got one good pic of my handiwork beforehand: 

She was absolutely smitten with her new baby cousin and got a lot of practice for our new arrival. Thirty-NINE weeks here people - I'm sooo ready! Unfortunately I am currently down for the count with bronchitis, so I started my maternity leave earlier than I wanted to. I also am suffering the loss of my laptop and with it, Photoshop, so there are your reasons for the tardiness of this post. I'm currently working from our desktop and using Pages as a substitute, but it just isn' the same. The good news is that I'm getting a new MacBook Air (hopefully ordering today - squee!) and maybe (fingers crossed) new Photoshop?! I was working with cs3, so I'm excited to see what new features might be available in a more updated version.

Oh and the best part - as she was opening her eggs she had somehow managed to find all of the money-filled eggs and only one with candy. The look on her face was so disappointed each time she opened one up. She said, "Mommy, no candy - only money" in the most dramatic, devastated little two-year-old voice ever. Probably one of the few times I'll hear that in my lifetime, am I right?!

So there you have it - a belated Easter post. Better late than never, right? Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and week! Now I'm off to go vegetate on the couch and get rid of this bronchitis before the baby comes. Keep your fingers crossed for me! xo, Lauren


  1. I LOVED this post! So sorry about the bronchitis. Happy almost-baby time! Can't wait to see that new little baby :) xoxo

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! Not much longer! I think your due date was right before me but on Monday, my water broke and I delivered baby boy that night! Ahh I wasn't ready but he's the sweetest. Enjoy your last few days with Violet before she's a big sister. :)

  3. Violet is so adorable! I hope you are feeling well soon. Can't wait for baby girl to get her!



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