DIY "Gilded" Blocks

I've been coveting these gilded alphabet blocks from Cabin 7, but at $260 for a set, they were a bit out of my league. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and go for the poor man's version with a little tape and a can of metallic spray paint:

You will need: plain wooden blocks, metallic spray paint, letter stickers, painters tape

1. Affix the letter of your choice onto one of the blocks. I chose "puffy" letters so that they'd be easier to peel off:

2. Cover the remaining sides with painter's tape:

3. Place your blocks letter side up on a piece of cardboard (outdoors or in a spray booth) and spray with metallic spray paint using light, sweeping motions. Peel off the letters and tape and, voila! Certainly not nearly as fancy as the original, but they'll do! xo, Lauren 

(P.S. These are meant for display purposes - not for use as a toy. They'd probably be fine for older kids, but not little ones who would put them in their mouth/chew on them, etc.)



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