Gone Glamping...

Kevin is the outdoorsy type - me, not so much. He'd love to go camping, but my idea of camping is slightly different from his. As a kid my family would go in a camper to a campground complete with running water, a shower, toilet, and television. We only used the television in the event of rain, but still, it was there. So the idea of going camping in a tent is pretty foreign and horrific sounding to say the least. That is, until I came across the most beautiful tent I had ever laid eyes on. Check out my latest ideabook over on Houzz.com to see some pretty products that might even convince me to go glamp...er...camping.

P.S. A Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen + Candy Coated Summer


  1. Clicked over here by way of Going Home to Roost - love your "glamping" finds! I went camping for the first time last year and loved it - even with just the bare minimals. But I wouldn't mind that patterned sleeping bag or any of the above items! So pretty.

  2. HA! this made me laugh. I think you'd be a great camper. If you are ever out in AZ, we'll take you camping. We found the best spot over the weekend where the air is cool and crisp at night.

    LOVE your picks! xo, shari



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