Lovely Little Craft: Beaded Necklace


I've been trying to find fun ways to keep Violet occupied and challenged while I'm busy with Lucy. Especially because she's used to having a couple of other kids her age to run around with at the babysitter, and now it's just her, Lucy, and me. She's really into crafts so I made a trip to Michael's one day and picked up a bunch of things. When I came across these painted wooden beads I thought they would be perfect.  They were bright and colorful, on the larger side so they'd be easy for her to pick up, and she loves jewelry. I thought we could create a necklace with some yarn or a shoelace. Threading the string through the holes was definitely a fun challenge for her and kept her occupied for quite a bit of time. We used a large, blunt needle, but I'd probably use a shoestring if we did it again, as the string kept slipping off of the needle which would frustrate her.

She's thrilled with her necklace and loves to sort the beads into various containers as well, so that's an added bonus!  Check out this sweet face:

Success! Happy crafting! xo, Lauren


  1. This is a great idea. Going to get some supplies for my little lady!



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